How long has BDAN been around?

BDAN has been around for over 7 years. The company was started under the name "Adtronix" back in 2012 in Jacksonville, FL. In 2017 the company was purchased by Marketing Genius Marketing and the name changed to represent the new direction of the company

How many locations do I have to purchase?

You can purchase as little as one location for a minimum of 3 months. With BDAN the minimum is getting started. Every company have different needs and budgets and we perfectly understand. 

Does my business have to be located in the city that I advertise?

No/ You can purchase advertising in any location, in any city as long as there is availability. There are limited a limited quantity of ads allowed per screen depending on location.

Do I have to create my own ads?

No. BDAN has a skilled graphic designed team with the capabilities of creating ads for you for an additional charge. However, if you have the ability to supply your own ad, we will supply you with the specs and directions to do so.

Can I receive a discount if I buy multiple locations?

Yes. There are limited packages available for business owners that want to buy larger quantities of ad space for longer periods of time. Consult with one of reps to find out whats available in your area.

How many times is my ad shown a day in a location?

This answer varies. Ads rotate every 8 seconds but because our screens are placed inside different types of businesses, the hours of operation varies from on to the next. Typically BDAN only install screens inside locations with at least 8 hours of operating time. But we rate our locations on other variables such as; popularity, visibility, consumer demand, type of business. This ensures that no matte where you are, your ad time will benefit your company. Ask your rep about your daily ad time on any particular location.

Can I advertise if I am not a "Black Owned Business"?

BDAN does not discriminate against any business owners because of race, gender, religion or any other reasons. All advertisers are welcome.

What can the QR code "Q-it" be used for?

Q-it is a qr code component that can be used to take consumers anywhere on the web that you would like for them to go. Add it to your ad design and use it for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, websites, videos, giveaways, coupons, sign-ups, listings and more.